HSE: Health, Safety & Environment

Titalia SPA considers workplace health, safety and welfare and environmental protection to be of a fundamental  importance, as a primary  core value.

Titalia  recognizes that  health and safety in the workplace is a right and both employees and visitors are  responsible for safety.

It is possible to prevent any kind of accident and, for this reason, every  individual working for Titalia collaborates within the spirit of our vision and policy and the management of Titalia will provide competent advice ,support  and training to all the employees in order to keep them informed and  well trained and to prevent all injuries at the workplace.

We work to protect the environment and to reduce pollution and we dispose of the waste in a responsible way and according to the laws, investing when possible in renewable energy sources.

Titalia SPA recognizes its responsibility and will strive to inform and train all the employees in order to provide and maintain procedures for a safe and healthy workplace and to avoid damages to the environment.

Titalia SPA will make sure that each employee is aware of the own integrated company policy; a copy of this paper is published on our website.